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Wheat Flour

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Wheat Flour

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What is the use of wheat flour?
Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption. In terms of the parts of the grain (the grass fruit) used in flour—the endosperm or protein/starchy part, the germ or protein/fat/vitamin-rich part, and the bran or fiber part—there are three general types of flour. White flour is made from the endosperm only. Brown flour includes some of the grain’s germ and bran, while whole grain or wholemeal flour is made from the entire grain, including the bran, endosperm, and germ.

Indian flours are generally categorized by how much of the grain is stripped away. India has also exported the large quantity of these products to the world. The country has exported 2,83,380.99 MT of these products to the world for the worth of Rs.1,064.59 crores/ 149.09 USD Millions during the year of 2019-20. Top Destination for Wheat/Meslin Flour from India are-
  • USA with a share of 27% (28 million US$)
  • United Arab Emirates with a share of 15.8% (16.6 million US$)
  • Qatar with a share of 9.24% (9.74 million US$)
  • Australia with a share of 8.13% (8.57 million US$)
  • United Kingdom with a share of 6.98% (7.36 million US$)
  • Canada with a share of 6.59% (6.95 million US$)
  • Malaysia with a share of 4.91% (5.18 million US$)
  • Singapore with a share of 3.02% (3.19 million US$)
  • Sri Lanka with a share of 2.17% (2.29 million US$)
  • New Zealand with a share of 1.51% (1.59 million US$)